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Behind in Payments or in Foreclosure

Any property that is behind in payments or already in foreclosure is on a slope of falling into the massive inventory of bank owned foreclosures. Savvy vulture investors find out immediately when you fall behind and will try to take advantage of your bad luck and steal your home from you.

The truth is, the longer you wait to act, the more pressure builds up on your negotiating power, and if you don’t do anything, you will eventually run out of options and lose the house to the bank.

Combine this situation and listing your home with an agent who just puts a sign in the yard and enters it in the MLS, and you have the perfect setup for failure. You simply cannot afford a “wait-and-see” attitude, but need to work with a pro-active direct buyer right now!

We can help! We work with a team of experienced negotiators who are closing our deals in a timely manner and specialize in creating win-win solutions for even the most hopeless foreclosure victim

Discover How You Can Sell Your Home Even If:

  • You Are Behind In Your Payments Or In Foreclosure.

  • You Have Listed Your Home With An Agent Before.

  • You Have Already Moved Or Need To Move Soon.

  • Your Property Needs Repairs.

  • You Don't Have Enough Equity To Pay The Costs Of Selling.

  • You Have Inherited An Unwanted Property
  • Your Property Is Worth Less Than What You Owe.

  • You Are Behind In Your Property Taxes.

  • Your Property Has Code Violations.

  • Your Property Is Occupied By Non-Paying Tenants.

  • You Are Making Double Payments.

  • You Need To Sell Very Quickly.

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